KeyMusician Keyboard Tutorials

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  1. An Introduction to the KeyMusician Keyboard

  2. Learning to Play Music from MIDI Files

  3. Improvising Your Own Music with MIDI Files

  4. Improvising Your Own Music With Audio Files

  5. Learning to Play Tunes from Sheet-Music

  6. Learning to Play Sheet-Music on the KeyMusician Keyboard

  7. Reading Chords In Sheet-Music

  8. Recording And Layering

  9. Questions And Answers

  10. Recording Audio From The Java Sound Synth, Using The 'Audacity' App. (On Linux)

  11. Recording Audio From Qsynth In Rosegarden, Using JACK (On Linux)

  12. Volume Control (Dynamics)

  13. Counting Out Rhythms In Sheet-Music

  14. Repetition In Music

  15. Quick-Start Tutorial

Exercises (MIDI Files)