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I play a song on guitar with certain chords, and sing the tune. But I don't have the music for it. How do I know what key-signature to specify in the KeyMusician Keyboard to play it?

Chances are, the root-note of the chord you start with, or end with, is the major key name (or minor key name if it's a minor chord) of the key-signature. But that method is not certain.

Here's how you figure out the key-signature:

  1. In the F1 (Help/Setup) pane, set the Chord System to “Modal”.

  2. Change to one of the performance panes (such as F2).

  3. For each of the chords you play in the piece you want to determine the key-signature of, do the following steps:

  1. If none of the above steps yields a perfect match, try the closest match.

Another way you can determine it, is to press the Num-Lock key twice (or click on the “Chords” pane's tab), and record yourself playing all of the chords of the song. After recording it, play it back, and watch the “Input Key-Sig's” drop-box of the “Learning Metrics” window. That will show you the software's guesses an what the key-signature is. You can expand the drop-box after it's done playing to see all of the entries. The first few entries are less-likely to be correct.

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