Improvising With Both Hands in the Melody Section

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In the Music-Lab Discovery lessons, you learn music by doing, in an adventure of discovery.

Lesson 19. Playing With Both Hands in the Melody Section

Learn how to improvise music with both hands in the melody section of the keyboard.

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A Video Example

Since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, we'll start with a video example of this improvisation technique, which yields a beautiful, unique sound.

Watch the video, taking note of the following details:

1. Chords, played with the left hand, are higher-up, in the middle-range, where they sound better.

2. The bass-line is played with the thumb of the right hand.

3. The melody is played with the other fingers of the right hand, way up high.

4. Layered voices (such as piano/strings), or orchestral sounds allow the use of those ethereal high notes.

5. The sustain-pedal control (which would blur-together melody notes) is not needed, since all the notes are within easy, simultaneous reach.

6. Notice how simple and easy it is to play, even after changing to a key-signature having 4 sharps.

7. Using a gamers' keyboard with anti-ghosting, you can play an independent note simultaneously with each finger - notice the 10-note chord at the end.

Watch the video lesson by clicking (activating) the video player below below:

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