Turning-On The Internal MIDI Interfaces

To use the KeyMusician keyboard with Logic Pro, you need the internal MIDI interfaces turned on. There are several steps here, but you only have to do it once.

Though you could also use a hardware MIDI interface, the quickest, easiest, and least-expensive way to connect the KeyMusician Keyboard to MainStage, is to turn-on the “IAC Driver” software MIDI interface already on your machine (but turned-off by default).

Here's how you do it:

In the Finder, click on (in the left pane) Applications. Then, in the right pane, double-click on the Utilities folder.

Double-click on “Audio MIDI Setup” utility.

If the “MIDI Studio” window doesn't appear (only the Audio setup window appears):

Note: This works differently on newer levels of Mac OS X.

You may have to click on the IAC Driver icon, as shown in the screen-shot below, to get the options to appear, allowing you to turn on the IAC MIDI interface(s):

In the “MIDI Studio” window, double-click the “IAC Driver” icon. When you do this, the “IAC Driver Properties” window should appear.

In that window, if the “Device is online” check-box is clear, click on it to select it. If it's already selected, the interface is already turned-on.

It's good to have at least two internal MIDI ports (one for the KeyMusician Keyboard, and one for the KMK MIDI Player/Recorder).

In the “Ports” pane, toward the lower-left, click the “+” button to add the “IAC Bus 2” port.

In the menu-bar (top of screen), click “Audio MIDI Setup”, and choose “Quit Audio MIDI Setup” in the menu that appears.

(Hit the Back button to return to where you were.)