An Album Of Music Done On The KeyMusician Keyboard

As the KeyMusician Keyboard made its way through the development process, I began using it in my performances, improvisations, and my compositions. Soon, there were enough of them to constitute an entire album of music.

Not being content with an ordinary sound, in many of these performances, I have made use of layered (composite) voices, on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 11. You can do this yourself (if you use Linux), by doing what it says in the Composite Voices newsletter article. Track 3 (done on Mac OS X), also uses a layered voice.

Most of the tracks make use of the FluidR3_GM sound-font, which we distribute (by permission of the author) with the application. Tracks 5 and 7 also make use of the “timgm6mb-soundfont” sound-font (available on Linux), which has a Flute, Oboe, and Trumpet sound that I particularly like.

The first two tracks (KMK-Improv For March 2014, parts 1 and 2, now have a name: “Evening Reflections”, and “In The Forest”. Since they are now played the same way in each performance (and are less improvisational), they are now compositions, and deserve names.

Track 9, “KMK-The Zen Of Zyn” makes use of the ZynAddSubFX synthesizer, available on Windows and Linux. Like the other tracks done on Linux, it uses composite voices, and the background voices use the FluidR3_GM sound-font.

Track 12 was done on Windows, using DimensionPro from Sonar Essentials, and is the same as track 1, except it is adapted to use the different sounds on DimensionPro. With more experience under my belt, I could now do an even better version of this piece on Windows, if I were to revisit it.

With a number of the tracks of this album, you can watch a video of the same piece being performed:

And finally, here is the link to the album itself:

Improvisations On The KeyMusician Keyboard, by Aere

Aere, improvising the “StringsPiano Improv” piece (at 1st Unitarian Church in Salt Lake City, Utah)

I hope you enjoy this album, and that it gives you a vision of what is possible using the KeyMusician Keyboard.

- Aere

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