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Thank you for your purchase. We are excited to be a part in your journey into a new (or expanded) world of performing music.

Installing The KeyMusician Keyboard

Before installing, please take a moment to read the Release Notes. There's not a lot to read there, but it is good to read it, since it alerts you to known problems for which there is no current fix, and how to work-around them. Reading the release notes may save you from some potential frustrations.

To install the KeyMusician Keyboard, and for instructions on how to install it, click on the link below. You'll need to use the user-ID and password e-mailed to you when you obtained the application (if not already entered):

Download & Install The Application

Video Lessons

Basic Video Lessons

(basic video lessons for using the KeyMusician Keyboard, and for learning to play music)

The Music-Lab Discovery Lessons

(advanced video lessons for using the KeyMusician Keyboard, and for a general knowledge of music, both written, and improvised)

Learn music as an adventure of discovery!

Improving Your System

Before you spend too much time using the KeyMusician Keyboard as initially installed, take a look at the following links, which tell you how to improve your system. You can get a better sound, and reduce the delay between hitting a key and hearing the note. This is especially important on Windows.

Improving Your System - All OS's

Improving Your Windows System

Improving Your Mac OS X System

Improving Your Linux System

Improving Your Chromebook System

There are other components used for making music on computers, that are not on the list we recommend, yet we have tried them, and they could prove useful in some cases. To find out about these alternative components, click on the following link:

Other Components Tried, But Not Necessarily Recommended

The latest online help for the KeyMusician Keyboard (possibly more recent than what you installed) can be accessed using the following link:


The latest currently available tutorials (possibly more recent than what you installed) can be accessed using the following links:

KeyMusician Keyboard Essentials


Easy Sheet-Music, Arranged For The KeyMusician Keyboard

Check out the music in the web-page accessed by the link below. There is a fair amount of variety in the music there, and most of them are easy. Each piece has a PDF file in its music, which you can click-on, and print-out on your computer, giving you the sheet-music.

The KeyMusician Songbook

Newsletter Articles

Check out the newsletter articles so-far written.

These are interesting ideas to help you in playing the instrument, and mini-tutorials on how to do different things, as well as interesting personal experiences.

They are sorted alphabetically by their titles, but the month of the article also appears in 'yyyy-mm' form at the end of the title.

Index of Newsletter Articles

Support For Users Of The KeyMusician Keyboard

If you encounter problems in installing, or using the KeyMusician Keyboard, click-on the link below:


Need To Restore Your Installation Access?

Access to the installation web-pages expires after a few weeks, so if you later need to install the application again (for example, after re-installing your operating system, or installing a new operating system), you will need to restore your access to the installation web-pages.

To get it restored, please click the link below, fill-out the form that appears, and submit it:

Request Restoration of Install-Access

In order for us to restore it, you will have to supply the e-mail address you used when you purchased the product. Otherwise, we will have no record of you having paid-for and received the product.

About Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Within 30 days of purchase, if you decide either the KeyMusician Keyboard software, or the video lessons are not working for you, simply click the link below to apply for a refund. You don’t even need to specify a reason, but we will appreciate it if you do. You can get every penny back, so there’s no risk.

Request A Refund