The Music-Lab Discovery Lessons

Learn Music as an Adventure of Discovery!

In this series of lessons, you learn music by doing, in an adventure of discovery.

Watch this video introduction to the lessons. Click the full-screen icon of the video (at the lower right) for better resolution.

The first lesson is free.

In each lesson, you watch the video, where we show you how to do each step, showing you the keys to press.

After watching the video, you click on (activate) the PDF-file link for the lesson, and follow the instructions in the PDF file, with the KeyMusician Keyboard application running, to do each step of the lesson.

Close any KMK windows you don’t need, such as the MIDI Player, the Learning Metrics, and the Keyboard Monitor. Then position (and re-size) your browser window, so that you can see the steps to perform.

Click on the main KMK window (or Alt-Tab to it) to give it keyboard-focus, so you can perform the lesson steps.

You can toggle between your Internet Browser (PDF viewer) window, and the KMK window, if necessary, by clicking-on (or Alt-Tabbing to) the window needed. Using the task-bar can be useful in switching.
If possible, limit the size of your Internet Browser window, so you can see both the KMK windows, and your browser window (or at least part of it) at the same time.

R emember that the main KeyMusician Keyboard window must be selected (having keyboard focus) to play anything.

Another alternative might be to view this member-page using a smart-phone, leaving your computer for the KeyMusician Keyboard application. In this case, you won’t have difficulties in switching windows.

We recommend you have at least KeyMusician Keyboard version 1.53, for doing the lesson exercises.

Lesson 1. Play Chords and Melody In 5 Minutes

Learn the basics of playing the instrument, and how to make up your own music with it, playing both chords and melody, together. Do this without having to read a single note of written music.

Click the picture below to play the training video. Click the full-screen icon at the lower right, for the most detailed viewing.
(your browser’s back-button gets you back out of it):

Now, you try it, clicking on the link below for the steps in this lesson. Use your browser’s “Back” button to return to this page when you’re done.


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