Tuning Your Windows System For VST-Host Use On A Slow Machine

If you have a slow machine using Windows 7, you may still have perceptible latency, or latency that comes-and-goes (isn't there all the time). This wouldn't have been a problem on Windows XP, but it will get you on Windows 7.

To significantly reduce this latency, perform the following steps:

1. In the Start-menu, select the Control-panel. In the Control-Panel window that appears, double-click on the “Action Center” entry, near the upper-left of the window, as shown in the screenshot below:

2. In the Action Center window that appears, click on the “View performance information” link (underlined in the screenshot below, toward the middle-left of the window):

3. In the “Performance Information And Tools” window that appears, click on the “Adjust visual effects” link (near the top left of the window) underlined in the screenshot below:

4. In the “Performance Options” window that appears, select (by clicking-on) the “Adjust for best performance” radio-button, as shown in the screenshot below, then click the window's “OK” button.

After doing so, the transparent window title-bars, and attractive button highlighting (and other eye-candy) will be replaced by solid colors, and less-flashy graphics, but it will result in noticeably better performance, and may very well eliminate the latency you were still experiencing.

All of the screenshots on this web-page have the less-flashy graphics, so you can see what the difference in graphics presentation will look like. Basically, it's like what you used in Windows XP.

On my 1.7 gigahertz test machine, which exhibited the residual latency problem, this definitely solved the problem. Of course, this machine isn't the slowest machine that will run Windows 7, so it may be less of a solution on slower machines.

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