Support For The KeyMusician Keyboard

We are proud of our software, and sincerely wish for everyone to succeed in using it. A lot of effort has gone into testing it, and eliminating the 'bugs'.

There is a long list of features we have implemented, and problems we have addressed, over a long period of time. You are welcome to look at it, by clicking the following link:

KeyMusician Keyboard Change Log

Nevertheless, as with any complex software application, there are things that are confusing, or don't work the way users conceive of it working. There are also some things that don't work as we wish it could, but the causes are things not under our control.

If you run into something that doesn't appear to work right, please consider documenting the problem, and reporting it to us, so we can improve the software.

To do this, you will need to come up with a way to make the problem happen again, and write down the particulars of how to do it, so we will be able to reproduce the problem.

But before you go to that effort, please look through our support database to see if the problem has already been reported. If you find it, there may already be a fix, and/or a work-around for it.

To see if the problem is already known (with an existing fix or work-around), read the instructions in the box, then click on the link below it:

The support database is a directory-tree, organized into general categories, and into categories for each operating system you might use. It is indexed by a table of problem headlines, sorted alphabetically. Each entry in the table is a hyper-link to the problem details. The portion of the headline before the first hyphen (-) specifies the category or operating-system of the problem.

You can search this particular table using your Internet browser's search capability (usually activated by typing a control-f key-combination, and typing the characters you want to search for). You don't need to know the entire problem headline – only a part of it is required, and it will search for the characters you specified.

This process of searching a particular web-page, is not the same thing as doing a Google search (which would be less likely to find it).

Alternatively, you can browse through the table of known problems, looking for something that looks like the problem you ran into.

When you find a problem that might be the same one you observed, click on that link, and it will display its details.

Search Support Database

If you encounter a problem for which a fix exists, and report it using our support e-mail link below, you will be given a new period of opportunity to install the latest version of the software (which has the fix for the problem). If the fix doesn't yet exist, you will be given the opportunity to install the new version when the fix becomes available.

If you don't find your problem in our support database, please come up with a way to make the problem happen again, and write down the particulars of how to do it. Then send us an e-mail reporting the problem, by clicking on the following link:

Report Your Problem Via E-Mail

If that doesn't open a window for typing an e-mail into, you can access your e-mail the way your normally do, and send your e-mail to:

Are you not satisfied, or is the KeyMusician Keyboard not for you?

As we stated when you purchased it, we offer a 30-day, no-hassle, no-excuse, money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied, and want to get a refund of your purchase cost, click on the link below:

Apply For A Refund