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All-Add9 Chords Are Missing Other Chord Notes

All-Application Fails To Launch

All-Asks For User-ID Password When Help-Button Clicked

All-Can't Change to G or D Chord With Melody Note On Home Row

All-Can't Play Some Half-Step-Apart Note Combinations On MIDI Keyboard

All-Chords Instrument Using Different Bank Gets Wrong Instrument Sound

All-Clearing Learning-Metrics Wait Check-Box Doesn't Stop The Wait

All-Drums Pane Display Wrong Using MIDI Drum Pad

All-MIDI Player Plays Only 1 Part With Strings Sound, Or Nothing

All-Modal Chords Not Shown In Drums Pane

All-Non-Zero Modulation Control Value Gets Sent To Synth On Other Assignable Control

All-Playing A MIDI Keyboard Through The Application, No Notes Play

All-Reset Button Also Clicks Save Button

All-Save Config Should Change Title-Bar To New File-Name

All-Shows Root-Note Of B-Flat-Major Chord as A-Sharp

All-Slow (Or Hangs) Loading Sound-Font

All-Some Chords Won't Play With Base Octave Set To 3

All-Sometimes There Is More Than 1-Second Of Latency

All-Sometimes You Can't Click-Away From The F1-Pane Via Function-Key

All-Splash-Window Sometimes Covers Important Dialogs During Install

All-Un-Readable Characters Appear In The Displayed License Text

All-While Playing A MIDI Keyboard Through KMK, The Volume Goes Low

Java-Application Fails To Launch

Java-When Recording, Sometimes Notes Are Left Sounding

Linux-A 'Crackling' Sound Is Heard When Playing Qsynth

Linux-After Java Update In Ubuntu 15.10 KMK Hangs During Initialization

Linux-Browse-Button on Recorder-Player Starts In usr share Folder

Linux-Buttons Not Highlighted If Mouse-Pointer Over Them

Linux-Can’t View The Online-Help On Ubuntu 21.10

Linux-Delay Displaying And Erasing Notes In Graphics Display

Linux-Delay Displaying Chord Notes In Graphics Display

Linux-Delay Displaying Notes From MIDI Player In Graphics Display

Linux-Desktop Launchers Lose Icons & Don't Work After Update

Linux-Error Connecting MIDI Output To Qsynth

Linux-Extras-Install Fails In UbuntuMATE 14.10

Linux-Extras-Install Installs Components, But Indicates Failure in Ubuntu 14.10

Linux-Firefox Can’t Display KMK Help or Tutorial Files

Linux-Hangs In Initialization Running On Crouton

Linux-Help Buttons Don't Work On Kubuntu 16.04

Linux-Install of Dependencies-Package Indicates Failure in Ubuntu 14.10

Linux-KeyMusician Keyboard Won’t Start On Ubuntu 18.04

Linux-Key-Repeat Not Initially Turned-Off Running On Ubuntu 15.10

Linux-Key-Repeat Not Turned-Off On Keyboard Just Plugged-In

Linux-Key-Repeat Occurs (in Ubuntu 14.10) Distorting Sound

Linux-No ALSA Devices Shown On Ubuntu 24.04

Linux-On Restart (Using Prior Config) Qsynth Device Is Not Re-Connected

Linux-Playing SoundBlaster or Audigy Synth, No Sound Is Heard

Linux-Response Slow Matching Notes In Nimbus LAF

Linux-Slider-Handle Missing On Sliders Using GTK+ Look-And-Feel

Linux-Static Sounds Heard While Playing Java Sound Synth

Linux-System Hangs When Using JACK With Java Sound Synth

Linux-Window Sizes Too Small In Ubuntu 14.10

Linux-Yellow Notes In Graphics Display Instead Of Blue

Linux-ZynAddSubFX Crashes When Using Certain Voices and JACK

Mac-Dvorak Keyboard Layout Doesn't Work Very Well

Mac-GarageBand Makes No Sound After Using Java Sound Synth

Mac-Import Instruments Button Fails Using Java Sound Synth

Mac-Key-Repeat Hangs Application on Mac OS X Sierra And Above

Mac-Load Soundfont Button Fails Using Java Sound Synth

Mac-Numeric Keypad Doesn't Work

Mac-OSX-10.6-32b-Import Instruments Button Fails Using Java Sound Synth

Mac-OSX-10.6-32b-Load Soundfont Button Fails Using Java Sound Synth

Mac-OSX-10.7+64b-Java Sound Synthesizer Occasionally Hangs

Mac-OSX-10.7+64b-KeyMusician Keyboard Won’t Install On Mac OS X 15

Mac-OSX-10.7+64b-Multiple Fast Notes Not Updated In Graphics Display On Mac

Mac-Top Row Of Keys (1 through 0) Don't Work

Mac-Velocity-Increase Key (Insert or Help) Doesn't Work

Win-Application Crashes, and hs_err Log-File Appears on Desktop

Win-Desktop Launchers Disappear After Java Update

Win-First Note Played May Not Get Erased

Win-Home Directory Doesn't Exist, Or Can't Be Accessed

Win-Java Hangs Using Java Sound Synth After VST Synth

Win-KMK Hangs When Brought Up With ASIO Device Active

Win-Load-Soundfont Doesn’t Finish When Loading An Additional Soundfont

Win-Playing VST Synth, Latency Appears And Disappears

Win-Re-Install Doesn't Update The Application