Title: Java Hangs When Using Java Sound Synth After Using VST

Detailed Description:

When an ASIO device is active (as it probably is if a VST host is initialized), and then the KeyMusician Keyboard application is brought up (and its prior configuration specified the Java Sound (Gervill) synthesizer as the MIDI Output Device), the KeyMusician Keyboard application hangs. This same hang occurs if you set the “MIDI Output Device” drop-box to the Java Sound (Gervill) synthesizer when an ASIO device is already active, or specify (in the “Configuration File” drop-box) a configuration file that uses the Java Sound (Gervill) synthesizer.

Cause Of Problem:

The Java Sound (Gervill) synthesizer requires the use of the old “WDM” sound-card device driver, which cannot be used at the same time as the newer (and better for VST instruments) ASIO device driver. This is the way Windows works.


If you encounter this problem, fire-up a task-manager window, and in its “Processes” tab, right-click on the “java” or “javaw” or “javaws” process, and choose the pop-up menu entry to terminate (or kill) it. Then terminate your VST host, and bring-up the KeyMusician Keyboard application, setting its MIDI Output Device drop-box to “(none)” as described below.

To avoid this problem, never attempt to use the Java Sound (Gervill) synthesizer when the ASIO device sound-card driver is in use.

If your “PriorConfig.kmk” configuration file used the Java Sound (Gervill) synthesizer, then bring up the KeyMusician Keyboard first (before bringing-up any VST host), and set the “MIDI Output Device” drop-box to “(none)” (or set it to your MIDI interface used for VST devices), then bring up your VST host using the ASIO sound-card driver.

You will have to click the F1 pane's “Refresh Devices” button in order to see any MIDI interface or MIDI device brought up after the KeyMusician Keyboard was initialized.

If you want to use the Java Sound (Gervill) synthesizer, DO NOT bring-up your VST host.

It is a good idea to turn-off Windows sounds (using the “Sounds” item in the Control Page) if you use the ASIO driver, or Windows could cause Java to hang while playing a VST instrument (that uses an ASIO device driver).

Fix Available (in version):

No - There is little the application can do to avoid this.