Title: Velocity-Increase Key (Insert or Help) Doesn't Work

Detailed Description:

The keyboard key for increasing the Velocity slider (the Insert, or Help key) has no effect on Mac OS X systems. On Mac keyboards, the Insert key corresponds to the Help key. But pressing it doesn't affect the Velocity slider. The Delete-Key (for decreasing the Velocity slider), works okay.

Cause Of Problem:

The Insert-Key code is not generated by Java on Mac OS X. Instead, the Help-Key code is generated. Even if a PC keyboard is used, pressing the Insert-Key generates the Help-Key code on Mac. Also, on earlier levels of Mac OS X (prior to 10.12), no Key-Press event is generated for the Help-Key – only the Key-Release event is generated.


Increase the Velocity slider by dragging it with the mouse to the right. The Delete-Key can be used to move it to the left.

Fix Available (in KMK 1.31):

This problem is fixed in version 1.31 (published on March 5th, 2018) or higher. With the fix in-place, the Help-Key code is used (rather than the missing Insert-Key code), and it is processed on the Key-Release event, so it will work on older Mac OS X levels as well.