Title: Top Row Of Keys (1 through 0) Don't Work On External Keyboard

Detailed Description:

When using an external USB keyboard, and playing chords, the numeric keys on the top row of the external keyboard (1 through 0) will not work. They work if you are not pressing numeric keypad keys on the same keyboard.

Cause Of Problem:

Unknown. This appears to be how Mac OS X works. Apparently, the numeric keypad numeric keys take the place of the top-row numeric keys when numeric-lock is set and you press numeric keypad keys, but only when done on the same keyboard. Other external USB keyboards (or the laptop keyboard) are not affected.


On a lap-top, you can use the top row of keys on the lap-top keyboard, and they will work. Also, when not pressing numeric keypad keys, the top row of keys on an external keyboard will work.

Fix Available (in version):