Title: Numeric-Keypad Doesn't Work

Detailed Description:

When the numeric keypad keys 1 through 9 are pressed, they have no effect. When the numeric keypad key 0 is pressed, it acts like the mouse button was clicked. The numeric keypad keys '/', '*', '-', and '+' seem to work.

Cause Of Problem:

Mac OS X has a keyboard-mouse, which uses the numeric keypad keys to move the mouse-cursor, and to do a mouse-click. The numeric keypad arrow-keys move the mouse pointer, and the numeric keypad key '0' clicks it. Hitting the option key 5 times in a row, turns the keyboard mouse on (or off). Unfortunately, even if the keyboard mouse is not currently in-use, the numeric keypad keys are reserved for use by the keyboard-mouse, and their key-strokes are not sent to the application.


In your system preferences, disable the keyboard mouse. You can find it under Accessibility...General...Mouse Keys, or Accessibility...Mouse & Trackpad...Enable Mouse Keys.

Fix Available:

None currently.