Title: KeyMusician Keyboard Won’t Install On Mac OS X 15

Detailed Description:

When trying to run the KMK application bundle on Mac OS X 10.15 for the first time, the OS won’t allow it to run. This happens even when you set the security settings to allow applications from ‘anywhere’ (which can only be done via a terminal command).

If the application was already installed on the earlier version of Mac OS X when you upgrade to Mac OS X 10.15, that application will continue to run with no problems, but you will be unable to install an updated version.

Cause Of Problem:

Regardless the source of the application, the code must be signed, which was not the case with the earlier version of the Mac installer we use. The new version of Advanced Installer has corrected this problem.



Fix Available:

Version 1.41, published Jan. 20, 2020