Title: Dvorak Keyboard Layout Doesn't Work Very Well

Detailed Description:

When using the Dvorak keyboard layout on Mac OS X, and using the Dvorak keyboard maps, some notes are not where they should be.

Cause Of Problem:

Due to the way Java on Mac OS X defines its keyboard characters, keyboard mapping is only reliable when using the default (qwerty) keyboard arrangement. This means the Dvorak keyboard map files can't be used by the KeyMusician Keyboard. This problem may be specific to the Apple-supplied Java 1.6.


Use the qwerty keyboard layout. With the KeyMusician Keyboard, the Dvorak layout gives no special advantage, and it's easy to switch the keyboard layout between Qwerty and Dvorak. Admittedly, it is a pain to have to switch.

Fix Available (in version):

No – Java on Mac OS X does not do a proper implementation of the Dvorak keyboard layout.