Title: Yellow Notes In Graphics Display Instead Of Blue

Detailed Description:

In some cases (usually after changing configuration files, or scrolling a drop-box), the played-notes are displayed in the color yellow, rather than blue.

Cause Of Problem:

Apparently, scrolling a drop-box (such as the Configuration Files drop-box) appears to be the trigger that activates this problem in Open Java 8. You have to actually scroll the drop-box to make the problem occur. It doesn't occur in Open Java 7, or in Oracle Java. The bug has been reported to the Open Java 8 developers.


Re-size the main KMK window slightly, or full-screen it and restore it.

In version 1.25 or higher, hitting the Esc (escape) key, or clicking the Panic button will restore the normal color (blue) notes.

Fix Available (None Yet):

This is a problem the Open Java team will have to fix.