Title: Static-Sounds Heard While Playing Java Sound Synth

Detailed Description:

While playing the Java Sound (Gervill) Synthesizer, 'crackling' (static) sounds are heard occasionally, or the sound cuts-out a lot.

Cause Of Problem:

Your machine is not fast enough to play the Java Sound (Gervill) Synthesizer.


Use Qsynth instead. Machines that are not fast enough to play the Java Sound (Gervill) Synthesizer may still be fast enough to play Qsynth – especially if you also use JACK. If it's not fast enough to play Qsynth, you can still play sound-cards having hardware synthesizers, or play an external synthesizer (or sound module) through a MIDI interface.

Fix Available (in version):

The only fix for this, if it's the latter problem, is to use a faster machine.