Title: On Restart (Using Prior Config) Qsynth Device Is Not Re-Connected

Detailed Description:

When you restart the KeyMusician Keyboard, using the PriorConfig.kmk file, which was written when the MIDI Output Device was specified to use Qsynth, the Qsynth device is not restored when it initializes.

Cause Of Problem:

The most likely cause, is that when you configured Qsynth, you didn't make the change needed to make it use “Qsynth1” instead of a “pid” (process-ID number) in its device name. Since process-ID numbers are different each time you run, a matching device name cannot be found, so it doesn't restore your MIDI Output Device.


Re-configure Qsynth to use “Qsynth1” as its name, instead of a “pid” (process-ID) number.

Fix Available (in version):