Title: Extras-Install Installs Components, But Indicates Failure in Ubuntu 14.10

Detailed Description:

In running the Extras-Install (that installs the Help and Tutorials, along with additional useful system components), although it actually installs the extra system components, it indicates these components were not successfully installed. Because of this, it brings up a window to examine the needed components (which when examined, show that you already have them).

Cause Of Problem:

There is a dependency of the icedtea package for an Open Java-8 package that does not yet exist. After installing a component (otherwise successfully), it reports an error because of this problem with the icedtea package (which was also installed successfully, except for this dependency problem).


Assume that the packages you needed got installed, and click the “Done” button of the window that lets you investigate the presence of packages (supposedly) not installed successfully.

Fix Available (in version):

Hopefully the Open-Java (icedtea) project will fix this dependency problem. When Open Java 8 becomes available, the problem will go away.