Title: Error Connecting MIDI Output To Qsynth

Detailed Description:

On Ubuntu 21.10, when I select a Qsynth port, in either the “MIDI Output To” drop-box of the F1 pane, or the “Playback Device” drop-box of the MIDI Player/Recorder, I get an error dialog message, which I answer, but nothing plays on the Qsynth device.

Cause Of Problem:

Recent versions of Qsynth have a configuration option (which by default, is selected), where Qsynth ports are automatically connected to every MIDI output device, or interface. This makes the normal connection method fail, and ends up with KMK output connected to every Qsynth port simultaneously. But KMK doesn’t know it’s connected, so it doesn’t attempt to send any MIDI messages.


For a quick work around, you can set the drop-box to “None” (disconnecting the current connection it doesn’t know about), then set the drop-box to the Qsynth device. But you may have other problems because other Qsynth ports are still automatically connected, making the output too loud.

Fix Available:

In the configuration (setup) of each Qsynth port (engine), clear the “Auto Connect MIDI Inputs” check-box, then terminate, and restart Qsynth. Then terminate, and restart the KMK. The problem will be gone after doing this.