Title: Desktop Launchers Lose Icons & Don't Work After Update

Detailed Description:

After upgrading from Ubuntu 13.10 to 14.04, the KeyMusician Keyboard desktop launchers lose their distinctive icons, and no longer work to launch the application.

Cause Of Problem:

A Java update changed the path to the Java cache from what it was on the earlier level (when the desktop launchers were created).


There are two ways to fix the problem:

1. The Non-Techie Way

Delete the desktop icons, and re-install both the application, and the help/tutorials.

2. The Techie Way

Edit the desktop launchers (change their properties), in the lines (properties) specifying the icon, and the statement to launch the application, such that:

.icedtea” in the path is changed to “.cache/icedtea-web”.

Fix Available (in version):