Title: Browse-Button on Recorder/Player Starts In usr/share Folder

Detailed Description:

When you click the “Browse” button on the Recorder/Player, browsing starts where the Tutorials-exercises are stored in the system, under the “/usr/share/keymusician-keyboard/Tutorials/KMK-Exercises” directory. Not all users know how to get to their home directory from there, so it is hard to use.

Cause Of Problem:

The Recorder/Player initially is pointed at the Tutorials exercises, which are installed (for all users) under /usr/share.


Click the drop-box near the top-center of the “Load MIDI File” window, and choose the “/” option from the pop-up menu. From there, browse to “/home”, and from there to your user-ID's directory, which is your home directory.

Fix Available (in 1.19):

The fix for this problem was completed (and published) on November 11th, 2015. If you installed later than that date, or used the non-offline desktop launcher (which downloads updates), you should not have this problem. The fix causes browsing (when you click the “Browse” button) to start in your home directory.