Title: After Java Update In Ubuntu 15.10, KMK Hangs During Initialization

Detailed Description:

After an update to openjdk-7-jre-headless, the KeyMusician Keyboard application hangs during initialization if it is configured to use the GTK+ look-and-feel. This problem affects all 'flavors' of Ubuntu 15.10. You have to use the task manager (system monitor) to kill the keymusician-keyboard process, to terminate it.

This problem doesn't seem to affect the application when launched by Java Web Start. Only the version installed via a Debian package ('.deb' file) seems to be affected.

Cause Of Problem:

Unknown – probably a bad fix put in the Open Java 7 Java Runtime Environment (openjdk-7-jre-headless), and probably having something to do with storage regeneration (called garbage-collection).


1. In your KeyMusician-Keyboard folder, rename the file 'PriorConfig.kmk' to 'PriorConfig-old.kmk'. That will cause the application to initialize using the 'DefaultLinux.kmk' configuration, which uses the Nimbus look-and-feel, which does not trigger the hang.

2. Fire-up the KeyMusician Keyboard application, which should initialize without hanging.

3. In the F1 pane, click the “Configuration File” drop-box (at the upper left), and select “PriorConfig-old.kmk”. It should load that configuration, and not hang (the hang seems only to happen during initialization).

4. With that configuration selected, click on the “Customize Look-and-Feel” drop-box box (in the F1 pane), and select “Nimbus” from the menu.

5. Click the “Save Config” button, and save the configuration file as “PriorConfig.kmk” (which is what is used when the application initializes).

At this point, you should be able to terminate, and restart the application without it hanging. Don't change it to use the 'GTK+' look-and-feel until the problem in the Open Java JRE (openjdk-7-jre-headless) has been fixed (probably in its next update).

Fix Available (in Ubuntu 15.10):

(none yet)