Title: While Playing A MIDI Keyboard Through KMK, The Volume Goes Low

Detailed Description:

When you use a velocity-sensitive MIDI keyboard (specified as a MIDI Input Device), playing it through the KeyMusician Keyboard application, the sound may suddenly go soft (low volume) for awhile, unexpectedly.

Cause Of Problem:

Velocity values from your MIDI keyboard are processed by the KeyMusician Keyboard. If you hit a note (and following notes) softly, the volume will go low until you hit another note hard. As you play, you can observe the Velocity slider control going back-and-forth, depending on how hard you hit the keys.


Be aware of how hard (or softly) you hit the keys, since it will affect how loud the volume is.

Fix Available (in version):

This is the way the application is designed to work. Velocity-sensitivity is very useful, and should be passed-through.