Title: Shows Root-Note Of B-Flat-Major Chord as A-Sharp

Detailed Description:

On installing, when the license text is displayed, some of the characters are un-readable.

Cause Of Problem:

Though the license was converted from a document to a text file, a few special (and non-displayable) characters, such as non-breaking-space, slanted single-quotos and double-quotes, remained in the text.


Ignore the un-readable characters. They are not significant to the text being read and understood. If you view the License.txt file in the KeyMusician-Keyboard folder, the problem will not be apparent, because text-editors properly handle the characters Java had problems displaying.

Fix Available (in version):

A fix for this was put in on September 18, 2014 for this problem. If you install after that date, you shouldn't encounter the problem.