Title: Sometimes You Can't Click-Away From The F1-Pane Via Function-Key

Detailed Description:

Sometimes, when you set controls (or access the FAQ help tab) on the “F1 (Help/Setup)” pane, when you try to go to a performance pane by hitting a function-key, it stays on the “F1 (Help/Setup)” pane.

Cause Of Problem:

Certain controls of the “F1 (Help/Setup)” pane retain focus, and do not pass any function-keys pressed, to the application.


Use the mouse to click on the tab of the performance pane you want to go to.

Fix Available (in KMK 1.31):

This problem is fixed in version 1.31 (published on March 5th, 2018) or higher. With the fix in-place, all of the controls (or tabs) that retained focus, have been set as 'non-focusable', so focus is not retained.