Title: Some Chords Won't Play With Base Octave Set To 3

Detailed Description:

Some chords won't play when the “Base Octave” spin-control is set to 3. In particular, with the Base Octave set to 3, and the Transpose set to the key of E-flat major, a “Db/Db” (D-flat slash D-flat) chord won't play.

Cause Of Problem:

An exception was generated (and caught internally), trying to fit the chord notes into the graphics-display algorithm.


It may be possible to change the chord (by eliminating the slash-chord note) so that the simpler chord may play.

Fix Available (in Version 1.24, published August 9th 2016):

A fix was added to eliminate chord notes from the display that are out-of-range of the graphics-display area, even though such notes are still sounded.