Title: Shows Root-Note Of B-Flat-Major Chord as A-Sharp

Detailed Description:

Using standard chords, in the key of C major, I tried to play a B-flat major chord. The chord played properly, but the root-note of the chord was declared to be A-sharp (instead of B-flat). This caused problems in the melody pane trying to play the tune (where the B-flat should have been used instead of A-sharp).

Cause Of Problem:

It chose sharps for displaying the chord, because normally in making a minor chord into a major chord, the 3rd is raised a half-step. The choice of a flatted root-note of the chord should have over-ridden that preference.


Before playing the melody, clear the “Affect Melody” check-box in the F1 pane, and play any necessary flat (B-flat) manually.

Fix Available (in version):

A fix for this was put in on September 18, 2014 for this problem. On Linux or Mac, you will automatically get the updated code. On Windows, you need to re-install just the KeyMusician Keyboard application.