Title: Save Config Should Change Title-Bar To New File-Name

Detailed Description:

When you use the “Save Config” button (of the F1 pane) to save to a new file-name, the file-name shown in the title-bar should change to the new file-name. Also, on saving changes when the application is terminated, that new file-name should be the default file-name.

Cause Of Problem:

Oversight during application development. It works the original way, but is less convenient.


Be careful when saving the current configuration when the application is terminated, that you save the file-name you intended to save.

Fix Available (in 1-10):

On Linux or Mac, simply using the (non-offline on Linux) desktop launcher will cause the update to be downloaded. On windows, if you installed the application prior to November 24th, 2014, you need to re-install just the KeyMusician Keyboard application. You are entitled to have install access restored to do this.