Title: Reset Button Also Clicks Save Button

Detailed Description:

When you click the “Reset” button (or press the Home-key) to reset the performance pane to its prior values, the “Save” button also gets performed. In some cases (depending on timing), this will make new values (such as a faded-out volume) become the default values, which is not something you want to happen.

Cause Of Problem:

This bug was introduced in the new-features (strummed-chords and arpeggios) of level 1.32.


You can manually refresh the configuration to its original values, by (in the F1 pane) expanding the “Configuration File” drop-box, and clicking on the already-selected configuration file. Alternatively, you can manually adjust the values that didn't change back to what they should be, and click the “Save” button.

Fix Available (in KMK version 1.33):

The problem is fixed in version 1.33 or higher. With the fix in-place, the “Save” button won't be activated when you click the “Reset” button (or press the Home-key to activate the “Reset” button).