Title: Non-Zero Modulation Control Value Gets Sent To Synth On Other Assignable Control

Detailed Description:

When you select (in the “ASSIGNABLE” controller drop-box), a controller other than “1-Modulation”, and have a non-zero value set in its slider, saved in the config-file, that non-zero value gets sent to the synth as a modulation control while loading the configuration. This causes a distorted sound when using many instruments in the FluidR3_GM soundfont.

Cause Of Problem:

The application was erroneously sending partially-built MIDI control messages during the loading of the configuration file.


There is no reasonable work-around for this problem.

Fix Available (in 1.20):

The fix for this problem was completed (and published) on December 8th, 2015. If you installed later than that date, or used the non-offline desktop launcher (which downloads updates), you should not have this problem. The fix keeps the code from sending MIDI control messages while loading the configuration file.