Title: MIDI Player Doesn't Play All Parts, Or Plays Only 1 Part With Strings Sound

Detailed Description:

When playing a MIDI file using the Player/Recorder, though the playback position is advancing, either no sound is heard, or it only plays one of the parts as a strings sound (though that isn't what ought to be used).

Cause Of Problem:

Most likely, the “Playback Device” of the Player/Recorder is set to “(none) – Display Notes Only”. In this case, it plays only the MIDI channel in the current performance pane, and it plays it using the Chords-pane instrument (often String Ensemble 1). If the piece doesn't use the current pane's MIDI channel, no sound is heard (and no notes are displayed).


Select an actual MIDI device (synthesizer or interface) in the “Playback Device” drop-box of the Player/Recorder. Then you will hear all the parts, and only notes coming over the current performance pane's MIDI channel will be displayed.

Fix Available (in version):

No. It is designed to work this way. Less set-up is required for doing simple exercises.