Title: Drums Pane Display Wrong Using MIDI Drum Pad

Detailed Description:

When using a MIDI Drum Pad (or MIDI Keyboard) as the MIDI Input Device, displaying the Drums pane, the Drum Pad (or MIDI Keyboard) notes are ‘rounded’ to an adjacent white-key instrument sound. This causes many percussion instruments to be skipped. It works properly when directly connected to the synthesizer.

Cause Of Problem:

The mapping of notes played on a typing keyboard (which by default uses white keys only) to the chromatic assignment of MIDI percussion instruments, should not be used when a MIDI Drum Pad or keyboard is used, which easily handles the black-key notes.


Connect your MIDI Drum Pad or MIDI Keyboard directly to the synthesizer used.

Fix Available (in version 1.27):

The problem with the percussion-pane display is fixed in version 1.27 or higher. With the fix in-place, the MIDI Drum Pad (or MIDI Keyboard) note is shown in red, and the generated percussion instrument note is shown in blue (except for the lowest note, in which case both are the same, so it’s only blue).