Title: Clearing Learning-Metrics Wait Check-Box Doesn't Stop The Wait

Detailed Description:

When you play a MIDI file with the MIDI player, but have left the “Wait” check-box of the Learning Metrics window checked (set), causing it to wait for you to match the note, if you clear (un-check) the “Wait” check-box, it doesn't stop the waiting.

Cause Of Problem:

The code also needs to 'un-freeze' the play-back when the “Wait” check-box is cleared.


Make sure the MIDI-file is not playing before clicking the “Wait” check-box. It will cause you problems if you click it (to set or un-set it) while a MIDI file is currently playing.

Fix Available (in 1-10):

This problem was fixed on December 2nd, 2014. If you installed the application after that date, or updated the application (the (non-offline) desktop launchers for the application on Linux or Mac cause updates to be applied) since that date, you should not experience the problem. On Windows (which doesn't apply updates), you will need to re-install just the application if it was installed before the date of the fix. You are entitled to have install-access restored to enable you to fix this problem.