Title: Chords Instrument Using Different Bank Gets Wrong Instrument Sound

Detailed Description:

When you use a chords instrument from a different bank than the F2 pane, it ends up with a different instrument sound than what you specified. Using MIDI channel 1 on the chords pane may contribute to this problem. You might also end up with the wrong instrument in a performance pane using MIDI channel 1. This problem can happen with the “ZynAddSubFX.kmk” configuration file (available on Linux).

Cause Of Problem:

While processing a new configuration file, it was sending out MIDI bank-change and instrument-change messages, before everything was completely specified. This ended up changing the instrument and bank on MIDI channel 1.


You can click on the Chords-Pane's tab (selecting it), then click on (or hit the function-key of) the melody pane. After clicking on the Chords pane, the correct chords instrument will be restored.

Fix Available (in version): 1.18 (published July 30th, 2015)

The fix prevents the application from sending out MIDI messages during the processing of the configuration file, which causes the Chords pane instrument to be properly specified to the synthesizer.