Title: Can’t Play Some Half-Step-Apart Notes Together On MIDI Keyboard

Detailed Description:

When attempting to play some combinations of notes on a MIDI keyboard that are only a half-step apart, some of the keys pressed will neither display, nor play together.

Cause Of Problem:

When a note comes in that’s not part of the key-signature’s scale, it has to be assigned to one of the notes of the scale, either a half-step up, or down. For example, in the key of C, an F-sharp comes in, which we assign to the F note, as a half-step up accidental.

If, while that note is being held, an F (natural) comes in, the F note is already assigned as being sharped, so the F natural can’t be played & displayed at the same time as the F-sharp, which is already displayed and playing, and thus can't be changed.


If you first play (even the briefest of moments before), the F (natural), then play the F-sharp, the software will assign the new note as a G-flat, and they will play (and display) together.

You could also press the sustain-pedal, then play all the half-step-apart notes, individually.

Fix Available (partial fix): Version 1.37

Due to the need to display notes as notes of a diatonic scale, possibly with a half-step up (or down) accidental, it isn’t going to be possible to display (and play) a chord consisting of a handful on half-step apart notes. Fortunately, those are not pleasant or popular chords.

Before version 1.37, it would play the notes, but leave un-erased parts of the notes (or accidentals) cluttering the screen.