Title: Can't Change to G or D Chord With Melody Note On Home Row

Detailed Description:

When playing melody notes on the home row, and playing a chord (the play-key “0” is held down), hitting the numeric keypad “5” or “2” key (to change to a G or D chord in the key of C), it ignores the numeric keypad key-stroke to change chords.

Cause Of Problem:

This is a hardware problem, where (with a typical typing keyboard) certain keys when pressed at the same time, will not be passed to the computer.


If you briefly release the Play-key (numeric keypad “0”), and then press the numeric keypad “5” or “2” key, the chord will change. If you need the current chord to keep playing, if you release the melody note (that's on the home row), the chord can also be changed.

Fix Available (hardware):

Use a gamers keyboard which supports more simultaneous key-presses. Another (less-expensive) solution is to plug in an additional (USB) typing keyboard (one for each hand), and play the chords on a different keyboard from the melody.