Title: Asks For User-ID Password When Help-Button Clicked

Detailed Description:

When I click one of the “Help” buttons, or click the “Read Tutorials” button on the F1 pane, it asks me for my KeyMusician (web-site) user-ID and password. Yet I installed the Help and Tutorials on my machine.

Cause Of Problem:

If the “Help” or “Tutorials” folders do not exist within the “KeyMusician-Keyboard” folder, it goes out to the web-site to retrieve the Help (or Tutorials) pages. That area of the web-site requires member access, so it asks for your User-ID/password.

The most common reason for this happening, is that somehow the step to expand the “Help.zip” and “Tutorials.zip” files was not performed when installing.

It could also happen if you installed the application first, and have not yet installed the Help and Tutorials, and click a “Help” button at that time.


With your file browser, go to the KeyMusician-Keyboard folder, and expand the “Help.zip” and “Tutorials.zip” files, as detailed in the installation instructions.

If you haven't yet installed the Help and Tutorials, perform that portion of the installation, and the problem should disappear.

Fix Available (in version):