Installing And Setting-Up The LoopBe1 Software MIDI Interface

The easiest, and least expensive way of connecting the Keymusian Keyboard to a VST Host, is to use a software MIDI interface, such as provided by LoopBe1.

This interface is free for non-commercial, personal use, and even if you need it for big public performances, or commercial use, it is inexpensive (about $14.00). Up to 8 applications (such as the Integrated MIDI Player/Recorder) can use it at the same time.

When you install it (by clicking on theLoopBe1 Installation” link farther below), you will click on the “Download” link on the left side of the web-page that appears (as in the screenshot below).

In the web-page that appears after doing that, you will click on the “Download setuploopbe1.exe” link near the bottom-right of the web-page (you may have to scroll-down), as in the screenshot below (in blue text, and underlined):

You can run the installer directly, without having to save it to a file first, if you wish. When you run it, you will have to approve the running of the setup program, in the security warning dialog that appears.

With the above information in-hand (and remembering to click your browser's “back” button to return here), click on the following link to install LoopBe1:

LoopBe1 Installation

After it finishes installing, the software MIDI interface is ready for you to use. There is very little setup required for it.

This new interface will be one of the MIDI interfaces visible to your VST Host software.

In the KeyMusician Keyboard's “F1 Help/Setup” pane, you can select it in the “MIDI OutputTo” drop-box, as shown (highlighted in blue) in the screenshot below:

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