The Fluid Release 3 General-MIDI Soundfont

(filename = FluidR3_GM.sf2)

This excellent soundfont, is being provided free of charge, with permission of its author, Frank Wen. Its inclusion doesn't add to the cost of the KeyMusician Keyboard.

It is available for your use with the KeyMusician Keyboard, as well as in any software associated with the KeyMusician Keyboard, such as VST soundfont players, the Java Sound Synthesizer, or the Soundblaster or Audigy soundcards capable of making use of it.

In Linux, this sound-font is available as a 'recommended' (normal) dependency. As of version 1.26 of the KeyMusician Keyboard, this sound-font is included as part of the installation on both Windows and Mac OS X.

So you probably already have it.

You may distribute it under terms of the License, so long as it is available in its entirety, without charge, and is accompanied by itscopyright” and “README” files (included in the zip-file downloaded, and shown in the link above).

Many thanks to Frank Wen (and its other contributors) for creating this excellent soundfont, and making it available to you free of charge.

You can download it by clicking on the link below.

On Mac OS X, right-click (2-finger-click) on it, and select “Download Linked File” or “Download Linked File As...” from the pop-up menu).

Specify to save the downloaded file (rather than opening it).

Please be aware that it is a fairly large download (124 megabytes).

Download FluidR3_GM Soundfont

After you download it, copy it to where you want to keep it (for example, you could create a folder named “Soundfonts”). Browse to that folder using your file browser.

On Windows, right-click on the zipped-archive file, and choose “Extract All” from the pop-up menu. On Mac OS X, simply double-click on the zipped-archive file, and it will be expanded into a folder called “FluidR3_GM”. On Linux, double-click on it, and click the “Extract” toolbar button.

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Learn how you can convert your computer with just a typing-keyboard into an 84-key synthesizer using this soundfont, by clicking the following link: