Fluid (R3) SoundFont

Copyright (c) 2000-2002, 2008, 2013 Frank Wen <getfrank@gmail.com>

I hereby release Fluid under the MIT license, as described in COPYING.

Regardless the implications or stipulations of the MIT license, the wishes 
and intent of the author are as follows: 

1. This soundfont is provided for free, for unlimited use, and can be used 
   interchangably with other soundfonts for personal or commercial music 

2. In regards to bundling Fluid with software or hardware for commercial 
   purposes (freeware with paid features, or paid completely), please 
   follow these guidelines so that Fluid will not be construed as a commodity.

     -Your design must have openness for anyone to be able to load whatever 
      soundfont they want to use, and have full access to all the instruments 
      in the soundfont. 

     -You cannot lock access to Fluid by having people have to pay in order 
      to get access to more instrument banks or instrument banks associated 
      with specific tracks in the sequencer. 

     -If you are confused, please contact me.

3. If you use part of Fluid to make a new bank for public domain, document it 
   and credit me. 

4. Realistically, I cannot police or enforce what actually happens to Fluid, 
   although I believe there are honorable people who have respected my wishes 
   to keep the spirit of what I wanted the work to be, and thank all who have 
   supported and used Fluid in their musical endeavors. 

This package, of course, is the original Release 3 of Fluid.  

Fluid was constructed in part from samples found in the public domain that I
edited/cleaned/remixed/programmed and largely from recordings of my own and
in conjunction with the people below who helped along the way:

Suren M. Seron
Scott Hanan
Steve Aupperle
Chris Gillman
Alex Taubr
Chris Prola
Andrew Klenk
Winfried Hubbe 
Uros Katic 
Ethan Winer (http://www.ethanwiner.com) 

I'd also like to thank Alexander Ryan, Dan Reagan, and Thomas Hammer for 
hosting the project for so many years. Without them, distribution would have 
been impossible.

And also Tobe Smithe, for bringing this to more people through Ubuntu.

It's obviously been a few years since the project, but its nice to see that
people are still enjoying my work and getting good use out of it.  As always,
I'd like to hear some work done with Fluid so email me, or just email me to
say hello and tell me what is going on in the computer musician world.
Who knows, maybe I'll kick start this project again? ;)