Connnecting the KeyMusician Keyboard to MIDI software using a hardware MIDI interface

It is often the case, that useful MIDI software is unaware of the MIDI interfaces presented by Java, and likewise, the Java MIDI interface is unaware of specific MIDI software packages available on the system.

You can get around this problem by using a hardware MIDI interface, such as the M-Audio USB UNO interface (and other similar interfaces). This works because both Java, and the various MIDI software packages, all recognize and support hardware MIDI interfaces.

These interfaces plug into your computer via a USB port, and present standard MIDI cable plug-ins to the outside world. Typically, these MIDI cables connect your computer to an external synthesizer, but they can also be used to connect your computer to itself via MIDI.

To use one of these interfaces for connecting to a software package in your computer (where the KeyMusician Keyboard also resides), simply connect the input cable (or plug-in) to the output cable (or plug in), as illustrated in the pictures below:

Connecting the Output MIDI Plug to the Input MIDI Plug with an adapter plug

You can connect the output MIDI cable to the input MIDI cable using an adapter MIDI plug (both ends of which are female). I obtained the adapter plug at a local music supply store.

M-Audio 2x2 MIDI Interface, with standard MIDI cables connecting its two inputs to its two outputs

The MIDI interface above has two separate MIDI interfaces, each with an input MIDI plug-in, and an output MIDI plug-in. I connect the two pairs of plugs with two separate MIDI cables. In each case, one end of the cable plugs into the input port, and the other end of the cable plugs into the output port. The USB cable (white) is shown un-plugged from the computer.

With a hardware MIDI interface connected as shown above, you configure the MIDI Output interface of the KeyMusician Keyboard to send to the MIDI interface. You configure your MIDI software to receive from the MIDI interface.

With it set up that way, MIDI signals sent by the KeyMusician Keyboard are sent out the MIDI output interface, and come back into the input MIDI interface, and thereby to your MIDI software package.

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