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Chopin's Prelude in E-Minor

Years ago, I played this piece (opus 28, number 4) on piano, and was struck by its mood – kind of a pervasive, homesick, reflective longing.

Years later, I played it on a synthesizer, recording into a sequence editor, and then improvised other instrument parts to go along with it.

The flute part I came up with will work with the piano accompaniment alone, but it is better with the additional violin (or viola) part emphasizing the melody part of the piano music.

Though my improvised melody part is written for flute, you could also play it with any higher-range concert-pitch instrument, such as violin, oboe, or even a viola. I think I've kept the notes within a range that you won't have to play some of the higher-note phrases an octave lower.

For an non-concert-pitch instrument, such as a B-flat clarinet, you would also have to transpose it to the corresponding for key for that type of instrument, since it's written for C instruments.

Certainly, you can play it using the KeyMusician Keyboard, or a synthesizer, with which you can choose your instrument sound.

To hear what the piece sounds like, to decide if you want to learn to play it, click on the link below:

Prelude In E-Minor Piano/Flute/Violin Trio Audio File

The flute part of this piece, is easy enough to be played by an intermediate-level player. To play it on the KeyMusician Keyboard, at a minimum, you should be able to read music, and be able to count-out rhythms in sheet-music. Memorizing the rhythm from the audio file, then matching-the-dots in the music, is not so good for playing longer pieces.

You can see the piano music, together with the flute, and violin parts (it's a PDF file), by clicking the link below. The flute and violin parts appear separately, by themselves, at the end of the file. While viewing it, you can choose to print it, and you will have your own hard-copy printed music:

Prelude In E-Minor Piano/Flute/Violin Trio Sheet-Music

Though you could perform it from just the sheet-music with all three parts together (the score), it's easier (and involves less page-turning) if you use the flute, and violin parts by themselves (included at the end of the PDF file).

If you perform it, an intermediate-level pianist should be able to play the piano part from the score.

For your own enjoyment playing the flute, and/or violin parts, not needing to find an accompanist, you can download an audio (MP3) file of me playing the piano part, by right-clicking the link below, and choosing “Save Target As” (or something similar your Internet browser presents in the pop-up menu).

Prelude In E-Minor Piano Accompaniment Audio File

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