Title: Help Buttons Don't Work On Kubuntu 16.04

Detailed Description:

When using the application on Kubuntu 16.04, any time one of the “Help” buttons is clicked (or when you try to access the Tutorials from the F1 pane), an error message is displayed, instead of the browser displaying the Help (or Tutorials) documentation.

Cause Of Problem:

Kubuntu 16.04 has put in-place a security restriction where Java applications are not allowed to activate your system's Internet browser – even to access the Help files already installed on your local machine. With this security restriction in-effect, the application is unable to display the context-sensive help documentation.


Manually fire-up your browser, and click on the following link:

KeyMusician Keyboard On-Line Help Information

Then browse to the information you need.

Alternatively, you could copy/paste the following text into your Internet browser's address-field (and then browse to the information you need):


This problem does not occur in the other Ubuntu 'flavors' of 16.04, so you could use a different 'flavor' of Ubuntu 16.04.

Fix Available (in 16.04):

No fix yet available.